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At the heart of your vehicle is a complex engine management and diagnostic system. This ensures that all components within your car are operating efficiently. When your car experiences a problem, it notifies you to let you know that something needs attention. At Fratton Bridge Garage, we provide the diagnostic tools to find out exactly what’s going on with your car.

Why do I need a diagnostic test?

When it comes to your car, there can be hundreds of things that go wrong. Your vehicle’s engine control unit ensures that you’re notified when there’s a problem, but it’s still difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem is coming from without taking apart your car. A diagnostic test enables us to find the problem without having to delve into the depths of your vehicle. We can quickly and accurately find out what the problem is, so we can get your car back to you faster.

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How does diagnostic testing work?

When it comes to finding the cause of a problem in your car, it can be quite complex. When it’s not visibly obvious where repairs are needed, mechanics will have to take apart your vehicle in order to find the issue. To avoid doing this, we invest in the latest equipment when it comes to diagnostic testing. It works with any make or model of vehicle to get to the bottom of the problem. The equipment is hooked up to your car, which then identifies which vehicle it is looking for. The fault scanner contains data of every vehicle settings, so it knows what levels your car should be at. If any discrepancies are found, it’ll flag it up and present a code to the mechanic. Once we’ve got the specific code, our experienced mechanics can translate them, so they know exactly where the problem lies and can provide you with an accurate quote for the work.

Vehicle repairs

When it comes to your repairs after a diagnostic test, we always make sure we run through exactly what the problem is. Our diagnostic check means we can accurately quote you on your repairs before getting the work done. Once you’re happy and we get the go ahead, we’ll do our best to get your repairs conducted in optimal time. We make sure we fully test your vehicle before we give it back to you to ensure everything is working as it should. We continually update our equipment to ensure that we cover a wide range of vehicles including the latest high-pressure car diesel injection engines. We can diagnose and report on faults for most car systems including engine management, airbags, electric steering, tyre pressure, particulate filters, fuel injector and anti-lock braking systems. Book online for your diagnostic test today so we can get your car sorted and back to normal. We make sure that you stop experiencing issues and get your car back up a running in no time.

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